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GameMaster Rules

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GameMaster Rules

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:10 pm

As we know before, cursing/swearing in specific words that's harsh was allowed like "it's a common word".

But, we decided to change that rules now.
Since there got so many players that used to cursing/swearing using that words many times over and over again because they knew that they won't get banned for that.

Below, we will state for what harsh words are counted to be banned.

Those words will get a 1 day ban.
F**k you,
S**k my d**k.
Those words will get a 5 days ban.
F**k your Mom/Dad,
Anything that's related to family thingy (But, f**k your brothers/sisters maybe doesn't count lol).
Those words will get a 1 week ban.
Insulting race/religion/tribe.

Additional information:
Rules above are for 1st attempt.
2nd attempt, ban day will be increased by 1.
3rd attempt, ban day will be increased again by 1.
And so on until how many attempts those rules breaker made.

We will only take action after having evidence which shows clearly a user's illegal behavior.
We will not ban players without reasons.

P.S: Since most of those harsh words are filtered, some players will just shorten it in form or use numbers/symbols so it can be spelled out. That will also lead to ban.

Note: Rules can be changed and or added without prior notice/warning.


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